Altalink vs Versalink

Xerox® Altalink and Versalink

The new app-based workplace assistants from Xerox®, built around Xerox’s ConnectKey suite of technologies, designed to bring cloud-connected, app-based touchscreen interfaces to office document production and management.

It is hoped that this vast suite of 29 devices will revolutionise the workplace and bring it more into line with common mobile technology usage to unify the user technology across the whole suite and to make life easier for the user.

But a few questions immediately sprint to mind… 1) What are the differences between Altalink and Versalink devices and 2) Are they any good?

How many devices are there in each range?

Introducing VersaLink® - The perfect Workplace Assistant for small businesses

19 solutions-enabled “Best in class” offerings, including 12 new A4 products.

The perfect assistant for every small business

Effortless and Productive
• Installation wizards guide non-technical users through setup
• Preview scans and faxes right at the user interface
• Quickly make scanned documents searchable with built-in OCR capability

Well Connected
• Directly access cloud services— DropboxTM, Google DriveTM, OneDrive®
• Work from all your devices with the latest mobile technologies
• Connect over the wire, wirelessly or directly with concurrent connectivity

Make It Yours
• Easily personalise the user interface—for every user
• 5-inch or 7-inch, familiar, intuitive interfaces
• Expand capability with the Xerox App Gallery—today and tomorrow

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VersaLink® Portfolio

VersaLink® Portfolio

Introducing AltaLink® - A Smart Workplace Assistant for medium to large workgroups

10 products that refresh the mid-range portfolio. Faster boot times and a single pass duplex scanner. “Best in class” security for complete protection from internal and external threats.

The smart workplace assistant for medium and large workgroups

Smart and Productive
• Unique user experience—customise the 10-inch screen, simplify repetitive tasks, speed through common workflows
• Connect the way you work—Wired, WiFi®, WiFi Direct®, NFC and Cloud
• Apps and Solutions for every business—from enterprise-wide solutions to serverless apps from the Xerox App Gallery

Powerful and Scalable
• Build your device configuration for simple to the most demanding office applications
• Scan, print and fax simultaneously for multitasking at peak times
• Provide interactive training and support right from your PC with Remote User Interface

Built-In Security
• Proactive security includes whitelisting technology by McAfee
• Safeguard device data with highest levels of encryption
• Secure access with integrated RFID card reader and support for over 90 authentication cards

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AltaLink® Portfolio

AltaLink® Portfolio

What are the key differences?

• Security features.
• Different size touch screens with different functionality, yet similar UI
• Versalink is ideal for small businesses
• Altalink is ideal for medium to large businesses or workgroups

The Versalink c7020

The Altalink B7020

A comprehensive approach to printer security

• The Altalink Series provides the maximum level of security through Xerox’s partnership with McAfee which proactively addresses risks risks at the fleet and individual device level.
Multiple layers of security include data encryption, disk overwrite and industry certifications. At the user level, Secure Print holds documents for release until they’re ready to be retrieved at the device.
The AltaLink allows for remote support (not available on the VersaLink) and provides additional security features that are ideal for large workgroups, with Postscript as standard.

• The Versalink devices provide a range of security features, including Secure Print and card authentication to control access.
the VersaLink uses embedded security features which are ideal for smaller workgroups, with Postscript as an option.

Xerox secures every part of the data chain, including print, copy, scan, fax, file downloads and system software. It has developed multi-layered approach based on four key aspects.

1) Intrusion Prevention
Protecting the user-interface and who has access to your printer and its features.
Security options start with User Authentication which ensures only authorised staff have access. Role Based Access Control then ensures each team member only sees the features you want them to see.
Every action is logged, providing you with a full audit trail.

Xerox connect key Technology tackles the less obvious points of intrusion and intercepts attacks from corrupted files and malicious software. The system is digitally signed which means that any attempts to install infected or non-signed versions of software or files will results in the file being automatically rejected.

2) Device Detection
In the unlikely event your data and network defences are bypassed, Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology will run a comprehensive firmware Verification test (either at start-up or when activated by authorised users). You will then be alerted if any harmful changes have been detected.

3) Document and Data Protection
Xerox® security solutions also protect your printed and scanned documents from unauthorised disclosure or modification. Xerox® ConnectKey® also helps prevent the deliberate or accidental transfer to those users who are not authorised to view it.

4) External Partnerships
xerox works with compliance organisations and security industry leaders including McAfee® to integrate their standard and knowhow with their own.

Click here to download more specific information about Xerox® Printer Security


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If you’re looking to change your current printer fleet, we can recommend the VersaLink® and AltaLink® family.
Call us today on - Manchester 0161 872 5020 - North Wales 01745 582156 - Yorkshire 01484 819562 for further details and to book a FREE demonstration of the devices.

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