Are you ready for 2018?

Are you ready for 2018? graphic

And are you ready for 2018?

With Christmas out of the way, and your reliance on paracetamols and indigestion tablets on the wane, it’s now time to get back into work mode and look at improving your business in 2018.

So let us ask you a few questions…
“What are your plans for 2018?”
“Are you ready for the changes 2018 will bring?”
“Will you be happy with more of the same in 2018?”
“Do you want to see significant improvements to your business in 2018?”


Arguably the biggest event that should be in every business calendar is the GDPR deadline of 25th May 2018.
Everyone’s been talking about it, most businesses are scared of it and burying their heads in the sand hoping it will go away, but are you ready for it?

If not, and you manage a lot of personal and business data then you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. But don’t be frightened by this, it isn’t too late to start working towards better data security and GDPR compliance and the processes you’ll go through could help make your business more efficient and more secure.

Data security has been the hot topic in the business world for the past 12 to 18 months and one key way you can ensure you are secure is via your business multi-function photocopier. Assigning printing rules to various departments and nurturing best practices for your office printing will optimise your data security and minimise the risk of any type of data breach.

For more information how multi-function printers can help your business with data security call our team on 0161 872 5020 or email They’ll be happy to help you and demonstrate the various MFPs that are on offer.


A good article on this topic can be found here

You can find out more about the GDPR here


Heads in the sand

Don't hide away from the GDPR - Embrace it and make your changes now!


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If you'd like to discuss how a multi-functional printer can help you with your data security call one of our offices.
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