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Information and Data Capture

Documents exist in every business, but different formats, types, purposes and related processes mean processing content is often a manual, time-consuming task. Regulatory control adds to the complexity. At Euro Digital Systems we simplify your document processing requirements, adding automation and intelligence to the process. This radically enhances the way your information is processed inside your organisation.

Repetitive, manual, routine tasks are no longer the remit of staff, but of cutting-edge technology-driven systems.
    •    Finance - Invoice Processing, Order Processing, Expense Processing
    •    Sales - Lead Processing, Order Entry, Contract Processing
    •    Legal - Contract Processing, Litigation Processing, General Correspondence
    •    Human Resources - Application/CV Processing, Healthcare Forms, Benefit Forms
    •    Customer Service - New Account Processing, Service Requests, Warranties, Correspondence
    •    Marketing - Lead Processing, Survey Processing
    •    Mailroom - Mailroom Processing

Significant Cost Savings & Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Our goal is to make your document-related content work for your business, in the quickest possible time, with the least amount of resource. We bridge the gap between static content held in documents and active data in central business repositories.

This connection of data sources provides real-time information so businesses operate quicker and smarter.
    •    Reduce operational cost
    •    Remove document handling, distribution and data entry procedures
    •    Act on information in real-time
    •    Reduce errors caused by manual processing
    •    Enhance customer service
    •    Improve internal communications
    •    Better control information, risk and compliance
    •    Enhance productivity

Scalable, Flexible Offering

Our offer is both scalable and flexible, and our professional consultants work with you to implement best practice business processes and procedures. We understand how and why your information flows through your business, providing technology-powered process enhancements to increase the agility of your organisation. From concept and design, right through to implementation and change management considerations, we ensure our solution is the right fit for your business environment.


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