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Streamlining your business processes with Document Management solutions

On average an office worker spends over 60 minutes per day looking for information, which is a waste of valuable company time and money… with a Euro Digital Systems document management solution it doesn't have to be this way.

With a Document Management Solution you can manage your documents more efficiently, reduce manual processing and input errors and allow instant secure document retrieval from anywhere, and on mobile devices. Document Management can be both cloud-based or server-based, and is easy to implement into most businesses.

There’s a lot more to document management than just going paperless!

A document management solution can help you work smarter, save your company money and reduce office stress. Euro Digital Systems work closely with you to understand your needs. With our considerable experience we can help to identify potential improvements that Document Management could realise for your business. 

Documents exist in every business, but different formats, types, purposes and related processes, meaning processing content is often a manual, time-consuming task. Regulatory controls can also add to the complexity and the time burden.

A Document Management Solution will help to simplify your document processing by adding automation and intelligence to your processes. This radically enhances the way your information is processed inside your organisation, making it more efficient.

With a Document Management Solution your repetitive, manual, and routine tasks are no longer the remit of your staff, but of cutting-edge technology-driven systems. Examples of which can be highlighted in the various sectors below:

  • Finance & Legal - Invoices/ Orders/ Expenses Processing, Contracts and Litigation, General Correspondence
  • Sales & Marketing - Leads and Contracts Processing, Order Entry, Surveys
  • HR - CV Processing, Healthcare and Benefits Forms
  • Customer Service - Account Processing, Service Requests, Warranties
  • Mailroom - Mailroom Processing

The results are significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

The key benefits of a Document Management System:


1) Reduced storage space:

Commercial property costs are ever increasing and so is the expense of storing paper documents.

If you are bound by your industry to store documents for a minimum length of time then you will understand this point. A software-based Document Management Solution can reduce the need for filing cabinets and storage boxes, freeing up valuable office space.


2) Enhanced security:

Document Management gives you better control over your sensitive documents and data. Access can be controlled at ‘folder level’ for different groups or individuals. A Document Management Systems also leaves an audit trail showing who has viewed a document, when that document was accessed, and how it may have been modified.

Managed documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts. This gives you more control over the data that you are storing, which will be of extreme importance from May 26th 2018 when the new General Data Protection Rule is enforced.


3) Improved regulatory compliance:

Compliance requirements for sensitive documents, and customer data, can be complex. Non-conformance can lead to fines, revoked licences, and in some cases criminal liability.

Document Management helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance, and enables the automation of records retention schedules, which means new documents can be more easily classified and stored.

For information about the new General Data Protection Rule click here (link to, and read the multitude of articles that are available to read online.


4) Easier retrieval:

A document management systems provides a centralised resource for all your scanned and saved documents.

This prevents staff scanning and saving documents into folders that only they know about, and ensures that all documents are easily retrievable by all staff in the event that an employee should be off work ill, or have left your company.

Searching for and retrieving documents is time consuming, and in business time is money.

  • It costs money in labour time to store a document.
  • It can cost money for the physical storage of a document, especially if external storage facilities are required.
  • It costs money in labour time to find a misfiled document.
  • It costs money to recreate a lost document.

A Document Management Solution for your business can be a really powerful, and time-saving resource, that can save you a lot of money thus increasing your profitability and your efficiency.

Document Management Solutions also allow for remote access, as long as there is an internet connection, so your documents can be accessed from virtually anywhere and at any time.


5) Better collaboration:

Document Management Solutions enable your staff to share and collaborate more easily. Electronic imaging makes sharing documents over a network, and via email or the internet possible. This allows for greater visibility and better workflow monitoring.

Document Management Solutions also offer Version Control which allows for older versions of the same document to be recovered. This feature is important if several parties work on the same document and changes are made to a document that were not authorised or were applied by mistake. 


6) Better backup and disaster recovery:

Any Document Management Solution should include a data backup and disaster recovery plan.

With digital archiving your documents are protected from fire, flooding, and other disasters. This gives you peace of mind, but also reassures your customers whose documents and data you hold. Trust is key in business.

Imaged documents are centrally stored, so they cannot be lost or misplaced after viewing. Documents are less likely to be misfiled, and if so they are easier to locate with cross-indexing. Documents can be digitised and archived at their point of entry into the system.


7) The intangibles that make life easier:

  • Document Management increases your flexibility. You could be having a telephone conversation with a customer and need to access a specific document or correspondence relating to your conversation there and then. Document Management allows you that level of flexibility and accessibility, which makes your business more agile and reactive.
  • Can aid competitiveness by making your business more efficient.
  • Can help improve customer relations.
  • Peace of mind that your documents and data is safe, secure, and always at hand if needed.



About the software - Therefore

In today’s fast-paced business environment, quick access to information and document management is essential. Any business, regardless of its size, can gain a competitive advantage by being able to store, access, analyse and retrieve data instantly.

A Therefore™ Document Management Solution will streamline your office processes, protect you against potential security breaches, and improve your efficiency and reactivity.

How it works

Therefore™ enables disorganised and chaotic business processes to be transformed into clear and visible work-streams via automation. Therefore also gives Managers clear visibility of how processes run within their company and enables them to track exactly where their document is within any particular work-stream.

Therefore Document Management Server

Therefore™ Server - Image courtesy of Canon

At a glance

  • Digitise your office and your businesses processes.
  • Find and retrieve your information and documents quickly.
  • Maintain, overview, and generate reports about your business processes.
  • Keep track of changes.
  • Mobile and flexible access to information.
  • Increase security and peace of mind.
  • Seamless connection to your ERP / CRM system.
  • Scan and import documents directly into Therefore™
  • Drag and drop.
  • Automatically add data via web-forms.
  • Search for, and retrieve information easily using meta data or content.

‘Store, manage, process and analyse all kinds of information across your whole organisation.’

Therefore™ is a cloud-based, or server-based, Document Management Solution for organisations, of all sizes, who are looking to bring order and efficiency to their documents and processes.

Therefore™’s Digital Repository, Workflow Automation and its Business Analytics allow organisations to overcome the disorder of conventional document management processes. This enables more productivity, flexibility, and reactivity, whilst also improving information security and visibility.

Simply put, Therefore makes businesses more efficient and more effective and saves them time and money.


Our goal is to make your document-related content work harder for your business, in the quickest possible time, with the least amount of resource.

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